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Document management

IPW Polaris is an excellent alternative or complement to your Intranet, eg. SharePoint. Free read-only access for all users – and no annual user license!

Increasing demands for documentation and traceability increase the volume of information which becomes more difficult to handle and, perhaps more important, to get to the very information that is relevant.

This is why we see a growing need for flexible document management where the primary focus is on easy access to relevant information.

  • IPW Polaris is a web-based manual that is designed to handle all types of management manuals, department manuals, etc.
  • Web-based access makes it is easy to distribute the relevant information to users – all you need is an Internet connection.
  • The construction of the manual’s format and access to information is fully flexible. In the same way we achieve flexible visualisation of the business processes.
  • Visual access gives each user a pictorial overview.
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