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Registration and documentation of materials and articles intended for contact with food products

We have, along with our partner, Food Safety Consult, developed an electronic solution which will easily help you achieve your goal. With the solution, you will meet all the requirements from the authorities for registering and documenting “materials and articles intended for contact with food products”.

Is it you or the Food Control Services, who is in the lead…
Since you MUST meet the requirements on food safety and traceability, which will be imposed on your business, you might as well do it the easiest way – electronically.

The solution is built around IPW Maintenance which is extraordinarily user-friendly. Employees with virtually no IT knowledge can therefor learn how to use the solution in the blink of an eye. In IPW Maintenance FKM you register your machines including FKM components and upload the certificates to the solution. You can have the solution show a marker if a component requires maintenance or if there is an expiration date for the certificate, to make sure you remember a renewal.

You have two options with IPW Maintenance FKM:

  • Use the solution for FKM registrations and documentation only
  • Or, also use the solution for registering other maintenance, for example of your machinery and other production equipment


The maintenance function is included and can be used freely.
Read more about IPW Maintenance

For help please contact:


Food Safety Consult ApS
Lone Skov

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