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IPW Qualifications Management

Simple registration of functions, qualifications, courses, and education

With IPW Qualifications Management you will get a complete overview of your employees’ professional skills and employment conditions at once.

IPW Qualifications Management furthermore lets you register which special qualifications and certificates an employee has and gives you an overview of what equipment, e.g. keys, safety equipment, and IT devices, they have been provided with. You can also attach relevant documents like for example contract of employment, etc., to collect all information about you employee in one place.


  • Complete view of employees and their employment conditions
  • Simple overview of the qualifications within the organization
  • Both fixed and flexible statistical overview

The solution can be integrated with your ERP system to ensure local updating of the employees’ master information.


The solution consists of a number of linked tables that together reflect the individual employee. The basic information are found here, such as title, function, addresses, banking details etc., deputy, responsibilities, qualifications, courses, education, and information about provided equipment and devices like keys, locker, cellphone, laptop, car, etc.

IPW Qualifications Management can – as all other IPW solutions – be adjusted completely according to customer requirements. In your company, it may be practical that each employee is responsible for updating some of the information in the database.

IPW Qualifications Management is searchable to make it possible to put together competent teams for the individual project, order, department, etc.

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