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Registrations in IPW can easily be updated with data from your own ERP system

Requirements for documentation and traceability are ever-increasing. To get the maximum benefit from registrations requires an efficient system for their handling and management.

You might have a large volume of information which is today recorded on paper and/or collected in Excel spreadsheets. But is this efficient enough? How quickly can you search and find relevant information? If registrations require further handling, can you track the status and identify a clear allocation of responsibilities?

The above are only a few of the areas which are supported by IPW’s Registration solutions.

We offer standard registration solutions that easily can be adapted to your working methods and/or integrated into your ERP system.
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In the same way, you can use our development tool – IPW Form – to develop customised reporting solutions.
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“Data collection is without doubt crucial for the success of a business. However, even though management is fully aware of this requirement, it often receives a low priority because it is perceived to be difficult to achieve. 

This is hardly due diligence, when you consider today’s market opportunies. You can only have your finger on the pulse once you have the necessary information.”

Sonny Gajhede
Senior Consultant, Partner
Integrate A/S

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