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The integrated solution

Electronic complaint management integrated into the ERP system

Complaints Management can rarely be standardised between companies, but the principles can. We apply this concept in our solutions, which means we can easily offer you a customised solution, tailored to your requirements, simply and at competitive prices.

By integrating the solution with your internal IT systems you will achieve maximum rationalisation and flexibility.

The following are clear benefits of the system:

• A simple creation form – fields belonging to further processing are hidden
• Proper records in the form of look-up facilities and pull-down menus to auto-fill – a minimum of manual entries
• Standardised handling – optimised and controlled processes
• Clear allocation of responsibilities
• Automatic e-mail to responsible individuals and others involved
• Full traceability and statistics base

We have had considerable experience integrating clients’ ERP systems where this has been necessary. We can integrate directly with systems based on Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, as well as all systems that support access via ODBC, which includes all normal ERP systems.

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