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The simple solution

Standard form for easy recording and management of customer complaints

  • The solution is based on the process control flow chart below
  • Generates automatic email messages to responsible individual/s when set up and copies to other individuals concerned.
  • Gives an overview of the customer complaints registered and clear areas of responsibility for action.
  • Offers a search facility to identify registered customer complaints.
  • The solution is included in IPW eRegistrering
  • It can be edited and customised in IPW Formular Pro.



Creating a customer complaint
Here we set up the customer complaint and appoint the person responsible for its processing. This person is informed by e-mail at the time the complaint is set up and is thereby responsible for further progress.

We can integrate data with the client’s ERP system in terms of customer- and product information. The complaint form includes entries in its customer database from which customers and/or suppliers can be selected. This ensures the correct entry of customer data which is needed when extracting statisitical data.

The person processing the complaint decides whether it justifies one or more corrective and/or preventive actions. In cases where this needs monitoring by someone responsible, and a deadline, these are set up on separate tabs at the top of the complaint form.

As soon as the corrective/preventive action is initiated, the processing of the customer complaint ceases, since the original complaint will not be followed up any longer – any follow-up will relate to the corrective/preventive actions that were initiated.

The processing can also be forwarded to a colleague, if necessary. In this case the responsibility for processing passes to this colleague.

Once the process is complete, information regarding the decision can be circulated to those concerned.

The solution naturally provides an option to list views and statistics that meet the client’s requirements. All data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

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