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IPW Summer School 2021

Join us on our popular IPW Summer School. As something NEW this year, we are going online in English, so everybody can join in!

We have now opened for registrations for IPW Summer School 2021, which this year will focus on the latest features and possibilities in the IPW system – spiced with lots of real-life examples that are ready to take home and use in your own IPW solution.


Do you want to join us in Danish? Sign up here –> 

Danish IPW Summer School


So, what are we going to learn?

As we are still developing on this years IPW Summer School, as our main goal is to give you the newest, freshest and most interesting developments within the IPW System, we still can’t be too precise about this. What we can promise, is that we will present you to the “newest and freshest” super-useful features and smart tips for everyday use in our usual down-to-earth style. Both our “how-tos” as well as our “how-not-tos”.

You get:

  • An introduction to new features in the IPW solution that you (in some cases with minimal effort) can use to create huge – and lasting – changes in your own system.
  • Answers to everyday challenges via examples from the “real world”
  • “Do-it-smarter” features and a lot of super-useful cowboy tricks
  • Good advice on how to prioritize your resources during the year.
  • And yes, there are also a few bonuses, tips and tricks along the way – but you will have to sign up to get to them.

Your investment for this intense course day is DKK 3,995 + VAT.

Time and place

  • ENGLISH: Thursday September 9, 8:30 – 12:30


If you have any questions regarding IPW Summer School, please call us at: 7025 0214



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