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IPW Claims Management

Electronic recording and management of customer complaints

IPW Reklamation gives you the facility to collect all customer complaints in one place and give a global overview of the processing, history and areas of responsibility.

Our warranty solutions are built around a workflow that facilitates, automates and manages cases from beginning to end.

Features of our solutions:

  • The Sales Department provide a better service to customers, using less resource
  • The Production- and Quality Departments get a global overview of the causes of internal- and external errors
  • The Purchasing Department get specific information about the quality of each and every supplier
  • Administration costs are reduced, and a quick payback is ensured due to the competitive price of the system.
  • The relevant personnel across the organisation can access – or work with – the system, regardless of location and language.


IPW Reklamation meets every requirement – from very modest needs to the more demanding, and even complex tasks. There are a number of financial systems nowadays offering solutions for handling complaints, but our experience is that these solutions do not offer the same presentation capabilities to simplify even very complex issues.

So do yourself a favour and consider what we can offer you – keep in mind that we, naturally, integrate with your finance systems, because that is the source of the majority of the base data.
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