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IPW Form

A user-friendly tool for working with electronic records

IPW Form makes it easy to create electronic forms in HTML – without any help from your IT colleagues! This gives you a user-friendly tool with which you can streamline and standardise numerous records and reports.

Transmission, processing, and management of data is done electronically. No more manual cross-checking of spreadsheets etc.

Key features:

  • You decide the workflow (process sequence)
  • Integration with- and exchange of data with the existent ERP system to ensure, for example, pre-entering of fields on the individual form
  • Clear picture of the status of a process, as well as areas of responsibility
  • Automatic e-mail generation, informing changes in status and responsibilies


  • An automated workflow provides faster response times, fewer bottlenecks, systematics and reliability of individual processes
  • High data quality due to the validation of entries – ensuring accuracy throughout, and eliminating time wasted on discussions of misunderstandings

Note that with IPW Formular Pro you can edit the five standard forms included in IPW eRegistrering. This allows you to adapt them to your own business practices.

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