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IPW Registration

Simple electronic registration and record handling

Keep track of data and make informed decisions about improvements and optimisation. There is a lot to gain from changing your Word and Excel records to a database solution with a statistics module.

  • Simple electronic registration and record handling
  • Workflow-based record handling that easily can be adapted to your working methods
  • Clear allocation of responsibility
  • Overview of logged records, their status etc.
  • Easy search and extraction of relevant statistics
  • Automatic messaging, sending of reminders and responsibility information

IPW Registration is drawn up using the five most frequently used registration forms in quality management:

  • Deviation form
  • Corrective actions
  • Improvement proposals
  • Customer Complaints
  • Internal Audit

The above forms are integrated where relevant. Click on the individual solutions to read more and view samples.

IPW Registration is flexible and can be adapted to fit 100% into your organisation and your working processes. In addition, IPW Registration gives you a solid database from which you can extract relevant statistics and take proactive measures to avoid internal and external errors.

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