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Developed in conjunction with professionals to solve specific tasks

Our clients have gained access to a significant and unique, competent knowledge bank on a highly professional level through IPW’s partnership. The clients will here be able to find the key to upgrading their international competitiveness, since all parameters in the supply chain – from self-development through client projects, procurement, batch- and supplier-management to finished product control, lies within the partners’ core competences.

To be able to complete this supply of knowledge with electronic tools, which maintain, provide overview, save resources and provide data for the optimization process, we have – in conjunction with the partners – initiated the development of a variety of special solutions, each of which solves a defined task.

These solutions can be added to the client’s existing IPW system – or uploaded separately to the client’s server or hosted. The solutions are designed and prepared for integration with internal systems, for example finance systems, Sharepoint, drawing database, manufacturing data (from SQL), etc.

This means that the clients does not only receive advice and consultancy “hanging in the air”, but in addition gets a complimentary IT tool incorporated – and conversely, the clients can get professional introduction to both the methodology and the solution along with the purchase of a custom solution.

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